Building a Circular Deck – Part 1 – Building the Frame – Episode 012

As part of our master plan to make more progress on our Portuguese farmhouse renovation, we’ve decided to move onto our land. That involves building some temporary accommodation in the form of a large circular deck where we’ll pitch an equally large canvas tent.

Once we’ve completed the deck build we can start building a timber framed shed which will house our temporary kitchen. This will give us somewhere to store and prep food and house our solar power installation.

When we’ve got a solid foundation, a lockable store room and a steady supply of electricity, we’ll put up the tent and move out of our rental apartment. This will allow us to move on to our own land where we can live mortgage and rent free while we take our time to renovate the main house.

And if all that’s not exciting enough, this project has a bit of a time crunch on it because we’ve only got 5 days to complete the deck build before some bad weather sets in and I have to go back to work on a client project.

So, stick around and let’s see if we get it done or not…!

Some deck details for you:

The deck frame is built from rough sawn larch joists which are 80mm x 60mm. This will be topped with 145mm x 24mm larch veranda deck boards.

The total area of the deck is 65m2 with a diameter of just over 9m.

We ordered 400 linear metres of larch joists for this project so there will be enough left over for the shed build and some stud walls in the main house.

We purchased 300 100mm stainless steel screws for the deck which was only just enough. We also bought 2500 50mm stainless steel screws for the deck boards. Both are made by Spax.