allplants Review: Vegan Plant-Based Ready Meals Delivered

Vegan Ready Meals Delivered with allplants

UK based allplants deliver vegan ready meals to your door – we put them to the test in this allplants review.

Everybody has their own opinion on ready meals. Some say they are a waste of plastic, tasteless and made for lazy people. Others say they can be lifesavers for when they don’t have the time or aren’t able to cook from scratch.

The dialogue of this argument has changed recently.

People like Ruby Tandoh have argued that anyone should be able to access and enjoy a quick and easy meal without being judged. Especially those with a disability or mental health problems.

One thing’s for certain though – it’s never been straightforward to find plant-based ready meals. But that’s no longer the case.

allplants offer plant-based, vegan ready meals and you don’t even need to leave your house as they’re delivered straight to your door!

The Eco & Beyond team ordered a box with six vegan ready meals so that we could perform an allplants review. Here’s our results.

Who Knew Plant-Based Ready Meals Could Be Healthy?

For many, the issue with ready meals is that they are heavily processed and full of unhealthy levels of salt, sugar and fat.

This isn’t the case with allplants. They make everything from scratch using fresh ingredients, and even have a nutritional team refining their perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Each meal is labelled with its special qualities. For example, if you’re looking for more iron or calcium, you can pick specific meals to help with that.

You can also see all the ingredients and nutritional values on their website so you can check you’re happy before you buy.

allplants review - polpette orzo

The allplants Review Taste Test

Often the taste of plant-based ready meals can leave a lot to be desired.

We got together for a team lunch to try out three of allplants’ most popular dishes to see if they tasted better than the average ready meal.

Polpette Orzo

First up was the Polpette Orzo – polpette balls with ratatouille and orzo pasta. I really enjoyed the taste of the (protein rich) polpette balls and they had a great texture.

The orzo was tasty and the ratatouille came with lots of delicious veg but it could have done with a little more intensity in flavour.

Saying this, the dish felt very warm and comforting and would be great on a chilly night.

Fiery Jerk Jackfruit

Next up was the Fiery Jerk Jackfruit – spiced, pulled jackfruit with a veg and beans mix, served with rice and peas. This was a great twist on the classic curry, rice and peas.

The flavours and textures were very original and unique; it was unlike anything I’d had before.

The dish took quite a bit of adjusting to, as there were lots of different flavours and textures and it was quite sweet. It may be a love-it-or-hate-it dish but it’s definitely worth a try.

This is a great way for people to try more jackfruit as often it can be hard to find or prepare yourself.

Cashew Mac

Finally was the Cashew Mac – my favourite of the lot. It was one of the creamiest, most convincing plant-based mac and cheeses I’ve ever had. It was definitely far tastier than any dairy mac and cheese ready meal!

The dish also includes tomatoes which add lots of juice and cuts through the richness.

Kale and ‘mushroom bacon’ were other great additions. I’m not sure about labelling the mushrooms as bacon as they weren’t really comparable. But they were tasty nonetheless.

The macaroni is wholegrain and the ‘cheese’ sauce is made from cashews, so it’s a healthy alternative to a classic mac and cheese.

plant-based ready meals - cashew mac

Practically Perfect Packaging

The food is top notch. But the packaging of allplants meals is another area where they really stand out.

The individual cardboard sleeves for each meal are bright, attractive and Instagrammable. They’re also packed in 100% recyclable paper-board trays, sleeves, and (BPA-free) plastic seals.

The delivery packaging itself is a recyclable cardboard box, and the insulating liner is non toxic.

They also include a return label, so you can return all the empty packaging back to allplants for them to reuse and recycle it for you. These vegan ready meals are easy, tasty AND planet friendly!

This all contributes to the allplants zero-waste mission which is a great cause.

allplants review - packaging

Vegan Ready Meals Delivered

When ordering online you can choose six meals or go for the ‘Chef’s Discovery Box’, which includes six of the top sellers.

All meals come frozen and can be cooked straight from the freezer so you can eat them whenever convenient.

The price works out at £4.99 per portion if you’re buying for two, or £6.75 per portion if you’re buying for one. This is pretty pricey and it’s definitely better value to buy for two and have leftovers the next day.

The portions were huge and we had plenty of leftovers when sharing three dishes between three of us. You could use them as a main for four people if you added in a couple of side dishes or some more veg.

They are also incredibly convenient. So if you value convenience over price, you will love allplants.

Vegan ready meals are necessary for so many people and the home delivery makes a plant-based lifestyle much more accessible.

The allplants Review Verdict

I was very impressed with allplants. The meals were nutritious and filling. The menu was original and delicious.

Each meal tasted just like it had been made from scratch and not like typical bland and boring vegan ready meals. There are currently limited dishes available but hopefully the allplants menu will expand over time.

The packaging is a massive highlight to me. Not only is it visually attractive but they make it so easy to recycle. Such a huge plus. I’d love to see other delivery companies follow suit.

The price is cheaper than a takeaway, especially considering the large meal sizes. They’re definitely not accessible to everyone due to the price but they are of a high quality and very convenient.

So if you have the money but no time and want tasty plant-based ready meals, allplants are DEFINITELY worth a try!

(Please note, this is NOT a paid promotion and remains an impartial review based on personal opinion. It was not at the request of allplants.)

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