7 Amazing Gadgets That Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

gadgets that reduce food waste

Food waste is reaching sky-high levels. But the scale of the issue and taking steps to tackle it are only just starting gaining traction in mainstream society.

Waste may often be unintentional but it has become more commonplace (and sometimes easier) to dispose and replace, rather than save and reuse.

This behaviour is not only harmful to the environment, but it’s expensive too.

To reduce food waste – and save money – at home, we need to take responsibility. Planning ahead and being more conscious of spoilage is key. A great way to do this is by using some fantastic gadgets to help us improve our wasteful ways.

SOS! Food and Veg Savers

Fresh produce such as bread, fruit, veg and salads are the things we throw away most often. Their shelf life is short and items can often go stale or over-ripen quicker than we can eat them.

Nanology Fruit and Veg Savers can double or even triple the storage life of fresh produce so you get to enjoy it before it goes off! The small discs are completely safe, organic, non-toxic, and can be recycled.

They work by using natural ethane-controlled technology. Placing them in fridge drawers, storage containers or fruit bowls slows down the process of ripening.

Nanology Fruit and Veg Savers

Eat Me: Your Fridge’s Best Buddy

Do you often forget the contents of your fridge and what needs using up before it’s too late? Don’t fret, the Eat Me app is here to help.

This working prototype turns your bog standard fridge into a smart fridge. Scan your shopping receipts or individual products using the Eat Me scanner, connected to the inside of your fridge. The data is then sent to an app on your phone.

The Eat Me app will alert you when items are going out of date, and when you’re running out of a certain product. It will also suggest recipe ideas based on the contents of your fridge.

In addition to these smart features, the app will track the percentage of food you have saved, and you can earn small rewards for saving.

Get Cosy with Food Huggers

Food Huggers extend the life of half-eaten fruits and vegetables. Sometimes we don’t need to use a whole lemon, onion or tomato. Instead of leaving half an apple, cucumber or lemon to dry out in the chiller draw, try this nifty accessory.

The stretchy BPA-free silicone ‘hugs’ items of all shapes and sizes. This keeps them fresh and flavoursome for much longer.

Food Huggers can be placed on the tops of jars too, so you can seal up whatever you need to prevent from drying out or going off. They are dishwasher safe, reusable and are a great alternative to plastic which can help lessen your environmental footprint.

Food Huggers

Preserving Bags – Keeping Veggies Fresher for Longer

How do you keep garlic, carrots, onions and potatoes fresh for as long as possible? With Preserving Bags! Preserving Bags help keep your produce fresher for longer, so you throw away less.

The bags have a trendy linen style look on the outside. But on the inside they have an inner blackout lining which prevents light entering to prolong the life of your veggies.

They’re also made out of a breathable material. This allows air to circulate, decreasing the amount of moisture caused by bacteria, keeping the contents fresh.

With a wide drawstring neck for practical filling, Preserving Bags also feature a side zip opening so you can get to the older items at the bottom.

Herb Keepers

Fed up of fresh herbs wilting and dying within days? Then Herb Keepers are for you. Whether you prefer pots of fresh herbs or freshly cut versions, there are Herb Keepers to keep all herbs fresh and flavoursome.

Keep your potted herbs flourishing with a self-watering Herb Keeper that can hold up to three pots. Or keep the lift in your cut herbs for up to two weeks with a compact fresh cut Herb Keeper that can fit in your fridge door.

Herb Keeper

OXO Compost Caddy

There’s no need to put any more food scraps in the bin when you have a quality compost caddy such as this one from OXO Good Grips. With an elegant design and size, it fits conveniently on the kitchen surface for easy use so you won’t forget to recycle your food waste.

Keeping the bin clean is simple with the flip top lid and smooth sides, and it can even be washed in the dishwasher. The smell is locked in by the lid so your kitchen doesn’t smell like a compost heap. Yet the air can still flow freely to prevent bacteria and mould.

With a removable lid and rotating handle, moving and emptying the caddy is simple too. So you can put your food scraps to good use.

Apps for Reducing Food Waste at Your Fingertips

As well as physical gadgets, there are also many sustainability apps to help reduce food waste.

OLIO is an app that gives individuals and retailers the chance to share unwanted and excess food. This prevents good food from being thrown away and helps to feed those who need it.

Another great app is Too Good To Go. This app allows users to buy unsold food from retailers at a bargain price, so it will go to use instead of waste.

Reduce Food Waste and Save Money – It’s Never Been Easier

With so many great gadgets and gizmos available at affordable prices, reducing food waste and saving money at home is simple. Make reducing waste your priority and help the environment – and your bank balance – at the same time.