Eco & Beyond

Our mission is to empower everyone on the planet to make one small change towards a more sustainable future.

Why We Do What We Do

Being eco-friendly used to be weird and a bit hippy. But not any more. There’s a growing movement of people who care about the environment and the impact of their everyday choices.

But modern life is busy and hectic and it’s challenging to find eco-friendly products and brands that align with your values.

Not everyone has hours to search high and low for the perfect plastic-free product or food wrapped in compostable packaging.

Even if you find something that ticks all the boxes, will it be fit for purpose? Will it taste good? Will it work? There’s always the risk of wasting time and money and having the dilemma of what to do with something you no longer need without being wasteful.

This is why we started Eco & Beyond (formerly The Food Rush).

Our vision is to create the ultimate directory and discovery tool for eco-friendly living.

This is the place to find all the information, products, brands, events and places that align with your values and help you eat and live more sustainably.

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Helping Everyone Make More Sustainable Choices

You don’t need to be perfect and sacrifice everything to live more sustainably.

If everyone made ONE small change it would have a MASSIVE impact.

Small changes should be celebrated. All too often we beat ourselves up for not being perfect or knowing we could do better. But that doesn’t help anyone. We’d rather see things more positively and take a more balanced approach.

Whether your focus is food waste, reducing plastic, eating fewer animal products, supporting local communities or anything else, everyone is welcome here.

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